Something Alternative: We love Saatchi

By November 20, 2013 September 17th, 2016 Blogs, Culture, News

We love Saatchi. We’ve always had a lot of time for the style and innovation that they champion on their site. As you know, we’re increasing our articles that centre around art now, and Saatchi is the ultimate website for art collectors and stockists.


What’s cool about this site, is that you can browse some fantastic art by whether you’re looking for prints, or originals. Also, there’s a fantastic range of style options too. From Art Deco to Conceptual and Expressionism, and that’s a level of choice that we’ve rarely seen when browsing art catalogues or sites.

Our favourite section of Saatchi? Man, it’s difficult to choose. I think the diversity that’s there; from the pop art that we have always loved to urban art, and artists like Simon Hopkinson and Simis Gatenio (pictured), there’s so much talent on show, and Saatchi do a lot of work to spotlight the best in upcoming talent, and as you’ll know, we support those efforts (within both art and music) wholeheartedly.

So, if you’re passionate about exciting art, and need to find stuff at affordable prices, then you need look no further. We definitely recommend this site, for ease of use, but also for the sheer quality that it endorses. Props, Saatchi, you’re doing an awesome job.

For more information, click the link.