Why we’ve decided to release both print issues of Soundsphere magazine online for free

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By April 17, 2012 December 29th, 2021 Culture

Aside from the fact that most of the copies (apart from a select few promotional ones that I use to go into schools, colleges and universities to talk to students with…) have gone, we (as a group) decided that it’d be nice for everyone to have access to our hard work over 2010 and 2011, completely freakin’ free.


The fact is, I am very lucky to be in this position. I am able to work with dedicated professionals from all walks of life in the music industry every day. I am also incredibly fortunate to have Jamie Mahon (our awesome print magazine designer) and Kieran Schlechter (who handles management of this lovely site) behind me, and a 40+ strong team of contributors from around the globe (you guys are all amazing). And so, with that in mind, I/we didn’t want to limit the reach of our special printed issues anymore. Also, I’ve been wanting to change a mistake that is forever set in the print run of issue two (for a very long time), and unleashing this digitally has given me the opportunity to do that.

I want to personally take this opportunity to thank our fans, first-time readers, bands, PRs, labels et al from the bottom of my black heart! I/we appreciate the support that you give Soundsphere magazine constantly, like you wouldn’t believe!

Will there be another print issue? Probably. In some form or shape. It’s a hard job with only two (and sometimes three) people at the core (and none of us do it full-time), but thanks for understanding. I feel good about the future though… here’s how good I actually feel… can you see it in my beautiful eyes?


If you want to have your say on what goes in that (ISSUE THREE), and how it’s done, then please take some time to fill out this delightful form (it should only take a few minutes). Also, if you still fancy buying copies of our printed issues, then stockists are here: FiXT Music (United States), Heaven Forbid (in-store, York, UK), Tokyo Royale (in-store, Manchester, UK), Tokyo Royale (in-store, London, UK), Musicnonstop.co.uk (online), Musicnonstop.co.uk (online).

But yeah, you can now view both print publications (featuring artists as diverse as Placebo, Pendulum, Frank Turner, Skindred, Enter Shikari, Gary Numan, Killing Joke, Combichrist, Paradise Lost, Hyro Da Hero, Officers, Patrick Wolf, The Pigeon Detectives and Patrick Stump) online via the epic publishing platform that is Issuu.

Trash Vogue Records


I/we hope you enjoy them. Please share the publications (they are available for download), and comment on what you like/dislike about ’em!

Cheers again, and much love.

Dom Smith (editor) and the Soundspheremag.com team.

Now, here’s a track from Pendulum…

And… one from good ol’ Frank Turner for good measure…

Keep it here for news, reviews and all the usual awesomeness. Yeah!


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