Hull noise punks Bug Facer release new single, ‘Horsefly’

By Editor
By November 9, 2022 Hull, News

East Yorkshire-based noise punks Bug Facer release their debut single Horsefly – an evocative and suggestive track about struggle, described by the band as conjuring up images of being trapped in a medieval prison or stuck in a box.

Released on Hull based label Warren Records (part of the city’s highly inspirational Warren Youth Project), Horsefly was produced by local indie producer & musician Adam Pattrick at the label’s inhouse recording studio. With a dark sense of foreboding the track offers an insight into the band’s overarching concept around their music, in which they aim to deafen audiences with pure primal musical grit and emotion.

First birthed on an acoustic guitar, Horsefly has been refined throughout the recording process and metamorphized into the behemoth it has come to be. The band say of the release “we’re incredibly excited to release Horsefly as it’s grown into something huge over the last few months and ended up so much bigger than we could have ever imagined. Also, since we’ve started gigging, it’s become one of the audience’s favourite tracks live and we have plenty more tracks like this in the pipeline that we’re currently working on in the studio for release over the coming months”.

Bug Facer was formed after long-term friends James Cooper (guitar) and Will Longton (drums/vocals) left their previous band Woodlouse, a psychedelic progressive rock act, wanting to explore a darker tone, delve into primal rhythms & strip back their sound. Taking inspiration from bands like Thee Oh Sees, The Jesus Lizard, Tropical Fuck Storm, Sepultura & Code Orange, they began jamming, adopting a trance like approach in rehearsals while waiting for moments of magic to appear from the darkness.

From there, the best ideas were processed & turned into complete songs, and so the idea of Bug Facer was born. Recently, through interactions on the local music scene, the duo have recruited Tom Steel on bass, who’s brought an extra layer of grit & warmth to the sound.

With regards to the relationship with their audience, Bug Facer are focused on not wanting to give too much away, saying “we try to write music that’s evocative & suggestive, not being too direct with lyrics & ideas, as we’d much prefer our listeners to tell us what it is they hear, see & imagine when listening to our music. With Horsefly, some people have said it’s like battling through & emerging from a storm, while others say it’s like someone has angered the Gods! We’re happy to leave it ambiguous and up for interpretation”.

Describing themselves as a noise punk band forged from sand & broken glass, making music for cave people to grind bones, gnaw at rocks & howl around a fire pit, Bug Facer’s scratchy fuzz dissonance is born from an ancient primordial power & their goal is to rattle the bones of anyone within a thousand-mile radius. With a growing number of gigs at Hull’s New Adelphi Club, their vision is fast becoming reality as they wow unsuspecting audiences with a unique energy. Go on… get involved why don’t cha!