Jim Lee clarifies rumours regarding DiDio’s exit and future of DC Comics

By February 29, 2020 March 1st, 2020 Comics, News

DC’s now sole publisher and Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee has indicated that DC won’t replace former Co-Publisher Dan DiDio, who recently left the company.

Speaking at his panel during this year’s C2E2, Jim Lee stated “I look at being sole publisher now, and the team I’m working with. Much more in trenches now than ever before.”

“We’ve been with Warner Bros. for decades,” Lee elaborated. “The actual strategy for DC is to put publishing at center of what we do. It’s the engine of all the movies, TV, cartoons, we do. And so its my intent going forward as the [only] Publisher, to lean into the collective years of my team.”

“To address some of the stuff that is out there, there’s rumors… speculation,” Lee said, speaking of the recent sensationalist gossip circulating Facebook and Youtube. “I wouldn’t put any credence into it. DC has been around for 85 years, and we’ll be around for another 85 years. I hope to be doing this panel in 85 years.”

Lee also spoke about DC’s upcoming 5G initiative and gave clarification regarding its status as “another reboot”, stating that it certainly is not.

“It’s hard to talk about things we haven’t announced. Intention not to do a line wide reboot, our focus in talking to editorial team is to continue what we’ve done best. Character-driven stories, pairing right creators on right characters, and developing characters that are inclusive and diverse.”

So there you have it folks, DiDio isn’t being replaced, Jim Lee isn’t going anywhere, Marvel isn’t “buying DC” and WB’s new owners AT&T aren’t planning on scrapping DC anytime soon. Although this writer is concerned DC’s publisher and CCO even bothered to speak about the recent rumours.

Dan DiDio (left) with Jim Lee

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