Watch: Kath And The Kicks – ‘Walls Between Us’

By December 19, 2019 Leeds, News

How about some snotty, venemous punk rock for a miserable Thursday evening? Sound good? Thought so. This, from Leeds’ Kath And The Kicks is bloody marvellous.

“Ever felt like you’re screaming and no one can hear you? Ever been so lost in your own head that it’s impossible to explain what you mean and how
you’re feeling? ‘Walls Between Us’ is about a complete mis-communication, being lost in how to relate to those around you and feeling that the chance to do so is slipping away. The song disconnects you from the real world where things make sense, and the ‘other’ world where nothing is real. This is a really strong power-house anthem for us, the structure is powerful and
the progressions are clear. Quite the opposite of how the person in the song is feeling.”