SNAYX Release Debut EP “Weaponized Youth: Part 1”

By Dom Smith
By March 10, 2023 Culture, News

Fresh from demolishing venues across the UK and Europe while on tour with Kid Kapichi and Panic Shack, your new favourite band, SNAYX (pronounced Snakes) have released their blistering debut EP “Weaponized Youth: Part 1”.

The highly charged, eclectic ep showcases the Medusa-like musical repertoire of this exciting band. From the hard-hitting socio-political stomp of “Work” to the wild headiness of “Buck”, “Weaponized Youth: Part 1” is the perfect introduction to a band who are fast becoming one of the most hotly-tipped bands in the UK.

To celebrate the release, the band have released a video for “Body Language”. Inspired by going down a Chat IPG AI rabbit hole, the idea came back it seemed fun so they ran with it!

“We’ve been lucky enough to kick off the year with three back-to-back tours which have been absolutely incredible, but it’s created some absolute headaches when it comes to tackling our never-ending to-do list! One of which was finding the time to get the concept together and shoot a video for ‘Body Language’.

We had a slim window of two half-days on tour to shoot it. We came straight home after Sheffield for the first day of filming, then back up North the next day to rejoin the tour in Nottingham. For the second day of filming, we’d got back from Cardiff feeling very sorry for ourselves after a big night out with Panic Shack. We managed to get the shots we needed fairly promptly and then we were straight to bed because we started the European tour the following day!

We were in the bin to put it lightly, our concept was pretty rough too, so we got some assistance from the ‘Chat GPT AI’… It was fun and simple so we went with it. Script available on request.”

When describing the inspiration behind the song the band said “Body language is a coming-of-age track that takes you through the hazy recollection of the night before. Meeting people in the venue smoking area, losing your mates and ending up at an afters at some person’s flat and dancing and drinking til the early hours. It’s the fragments of a Brighton night out pieced together through a lens of nostalgia.”

Combining explosive riffs and confrontational vocals with splashes of playful punk, SNAYX are breaking through at a time when socially conscious, aggressive guitar music is making waves across the UK and beyond. The likes of Nova Twins, Bob Vylan and Kid Kapichi (all bands SNAYX have supported) show what DIY bands can achieve.

“There’s a real scene that’s coming through at the minute and it just feels so exciting. We want to be a part of that,” the band explain. “It’s different to the old-school punk scene but it’s got the same energy and intensity behind it. It’s really liberating.”

‘Buck’ and previous singles ‘Work’ and ‘Deranged’ are all tracks featured on the band’s highly anticipated debut EP ‘Weaponized Youth: Part 1’ which is available to stream now!

Track List is as follows:

1. Work

2. Body Language

3. Deranged

4. Weaponized

5. Buck

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With numerous tours and festival appearances, SNAYX have covered an awful lot of ground in a short space of time, and their music is just as ambitious. “If you limit yourself creatively, you put yourself in a box. We’ve never wanted to do that,” they say. “We want to work outside of boxes, to make something we truly love.”

Catch this incredible band live:


7th Sheffield, O2 Academy 2 (with The Hara)

8th Stockton-on-tees, Stockton Calling

9th Newcastle Upon Tyne, The Cluny (with The Hara)

12th Bristol, The Fleece (with The Hara)

13th London, The Garage (with The Hara)

14th Birmingham, O2 Academy 2 (with The Hara)

15th Manchester, Academy 2 (with The Hara)

30th Dorset, Teddy Rocks Festival


10th Bedford, Esquires (with Panic Shack)


5th 2000 Trees Festival

9th Bexhill-on-Sea, Seaview Festival

22nd The Wyles, Leopallooza

Many more live shows are to be announced…

A little history…

SNAYX were formed from a mosh pit. Sure, the Brighton-based duo have been in other bands before, dabbling in everything from indie rock to ska, but those groups never incited the communal carnage that Charlie Herridge and Ollie Horner crave. So they formed SNAYX. For a good chunk of time though, SNAYX was more of an idea than an actual band since the pair were too busy going to as many gigs as possible, rather than working on things like songs. They’d talk about the band to anyone who would listen though, hungry to be part of the scene.

Then, in the smoking area of a Brighton venue, Hastings punks Kid Kapichi invited them to open for them. Of course, SNAYX said yes, despite the fact they didn’t have a finished song between them. That changed over a frantic few days, where all of those conversations about ethos, influence and intention quickly turned into a furious 30 minutes of music.

The gig went better than it had any right to, and SNAYX were born. A series of support slots followed, alongside a DIY headline tour. “That’s when everything clicked into place,” says Charlie. “Onstage we really understood what it was, and what it could be.” The vocalist goes on to explain how they didn’t want SNAYX to be “any one thing. We went into the studio and tried a lot of different styles but it’s only when we started playing live that we knew how the songs needed to sound.”

With an emphasis on big, alt-rock riffs and taking inspiration from the likes of Queens Of The Stone Age, The Prodigy and Slowthai, SNAYX’ music takes “punk, grime, hip-hop and dance and mashes it all together. People go mad for it live,” he grins. “I just didn’t want to make any more indie rock music. I needed a creative outlet that was fresh, new and exciting. I wanted something a bit different.”

With just a few releases to their name (check out previous singles WorkFalse Friends and Cigarette), SNAYX have already developed a fearsome reputation and a loyal fanbase. They literally couldn’t fit another person inside Brighton’s Green Door Store for their debut headline show and a summer of festivals has only seen their legend grow. “I’m soaring with confidence,” Ollie says. “You could ask us to play Wembley tomorrow and we’d be ready to go.”

“We really weren’t expecting this reaction but it does feel like people really care about what we do,” he continues. They believe their music is connecting because “people are feeling a lot of angst after years of living under Tory control. For young people, there’s so little for them. Everything feels bleak. Music is such a release though. There’s no violence, no malice at our shows. There’s just joy.”