Blood Red Shoes announce new EP ‘Water’

By December 10, 2012 December 23rd, 2016 News, World

Brighton rock duo Blood Red Shoes have announced their new EP ‘Water’, which is scheduled for release January 21, 2013.

Steven Ansell, drummer and vocalist for Blood Red Shoes, explains, “The songs themselves are some of the most out-and-out rock riffs we’ve ever written, inspired a lot by driving around the USA and pure badass rock ‘n’ roll immediacy – they’re much looser, faster, and less considered than ‘In Time To Voices’ and we wanted to capture that feeling and not make it too perfect.”


‘Red River’
‘Black Distractions’
‘Idle Hands’

Click here to stream and pre-order ‘Water’!

Click here to listen to the track ‘Black Distractions’ from the new EP!