Dennis Hopper Choppers release ‘Girl Walked Out Of Town’ single and video

By October 4, 2011 December 16th, 2013 World

Monday, November 7 will see the release of ‘Girl Walked Out of Town’, the second single taken from Dennis Hopper Choppers second album ‘Be Ready’. The 12-track album was produced by Ben Hillier (Depeche Mode, Blur). Watch the video below.


To write the songs that would become ‘Be Ready’, Ben Nicholls holed up in a house in the desert just outside Tabernas in the South of Spain.

Once in the studio Ben enlisted a host of musicians including full-time members Nat Woodcock on Vox organ and John Greswell (one of Ben’s fellow band members from the London gypsy-punk scenesters Menlo Park) on viola and mandolin, the skronk baritone sax of Pete Wareham from Acoustic Ladyland, Brian Eno sidekick Leo Abraham’s guitar atmospherics and Anthony Rossomandos’ (Dirty Pretty Things/Libertines).


For more information visit the official Dennis Hopper Chopper website.