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By December 9, 2008 January 9th, 2017 World

(HED)P.E. has launched a new interactive web community at NewWorldOrphans.com for fans to interact and get content from the band’s upcoming studio album, “New World Orphans”. The site offers fans an inside look into the New World Order and other government conspiracies that are the centerpiece of the band’s new album. NewWorldOrphans.com also features a stream of the new song “Renegade”, along with the first of a series of blogs from frontman Jared Gomes. The first blog entry can be read below:

“Now why are we calling our fans orphans? Because we are all orphans in today’s world. We have been forgotten and left behind by the powers that be. So we are now uniting and taking back what is rightfully ours. We want to meet the most loyal of our family of orphans and link up on the road before shows, so we are able to sit down and have real conversations of what is going on our world and our communities. As you know, (HED)P.E. is on a mission to spread truth, and break down the walls that surround our lives. Unite and stay tuned as we take back our country one orphan at a time.”

“New World Orphans”, which hits stores January 13, 2009 through Suburban Noize Records, will be released in three different versions, each featuring a different cover and four different bonus tracks not available anywhere else. Each of the three versions will also contain part of a hidden message that when deciphered will allow fans to communicate directly with the band.

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