Nachtmahr release new EP in January

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By November 7, 2009 September 24th, 2013 World

German act Nachtmahr will release a new EP titled, ‘Madchen In Uniform’ on January 29, 2010 with two UK artists, Modulate and Skinjob contributing tracks.


The EP is said to be influenced by Latin-American sounds, and that Thomas Rainer is aiming to evoke the malicious fable creature El Chupacabra with a stomping Industrial track of the same name. As a surprise to fans, there’s also going to be a cover of Falco’s ‘Titanic’ on there.

The trackslist is as follows: 
01. 'Mädchen in Uniform'
02. 'Mädchen in Uniform' (Faderhead Remix)
03. 'Titanic'
04. 'El Chupacabra'
05. 'Tanzdiktator'
06. 'Tanzdiktator' (Modulate Remix)
07. 'Tanzdiktator' (Revolution by Night Remix)
08. 'Tanzdiktator' (Skinjob Remix)
09. 'Tanzdiktator' (Yade Remix)
10. 'Mörder'
11. 'Mörder' (Feindflug Remix)
12. 'Mörder' (C/A/T Remix)
13. 'Mörder' (DJ Antimatter Remix)

For more information visit the official MySpace.

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