New Access To Arasaka album out in September

By August 28, 2009 September 24th, 2013 World

New York electronic act Access To Arasaka will release the new album, ‘Oppidan‘ on September 8 via Tympanik Audio.


The tracklisting is below:

01. ‘Nypox’
02. ‘Medway’
03. ‘Monoscan’
04. ‘Ruin’
05. ‘Caeropore’
06. ‘First Kill’ (feat. Beau Jestice)
07. ‘Montcalm’
08. ‘Parisville’
09. ‘Jody’
10. ‘Recon’ (feat. ESA)
11. ‘Delicate Annihilation’
12. ‘Chem’
13. ‘Sylvan-hesh’
14. ‘Transcednence’
15. ‘She’
16. ‘Waiting War’
17. ‘Aftermath’

The album has been described as, “A futuristic journey of a cerebral nature, demonstrating a virtual equinox of expert beatwork and densely-layered atmospheric explorations”.

For more information visit the official MySpace.