Noisia release new single and album

By February 3, 2010 September 25th, 2013 World

Noisia are previewing their debut LP ‘Split The Atom’ by offering up the first single ‘Machine Gun’ on April 5.


The track is so-called because the band simply thought the sound they’d created sounded like a  gun. The tune is also featured in the ‘Wipeout‘ HD Playstation 3 computer game.

There will also be a remix package including Amon Tobin, Spor and 16 Bit, the vinyl version of which will be released on April 19.

In addition to the release of the single, Noisia will be putting out four Drum & Bass tracks from the album on a Vision Recordings EP and four non-Drum & Bass tracks on a Division Recordings EP. This vinyl will have extended versions of the tracks and will be released on April 5.

The tracklist for Vision Recordings EP is as follows:

A. ‘Shellshock’ ft. Foreign Beggars
B. ‘Sunhammer’ ft. Amon Tobin
C. ‘Thursday’
D. ‘Hand Gestures’ ft. Joe Seven

The tracklist for Division Recordings EP is as follows:

A. ‘Split the Atom’
B. ‘Alpha Centauri’
C. ‘Machine Gun’
D. ‘Red Heat’

For more information visit the official MySpace.