Out of Line music to release ‘Elektrostorm’ compilation

By April 2, 2009 October 27th, 2016 World
Out of Line music are to release a new Industrial/synthpop and EBM compilation that showcases its most exciting artists and their best tracks from this, and last year.

The tracklisting is below:

  1. Aesthetic Perfection: ‘The Ones’
  2. Kirlian Camera: ‘Edges (Mission Walhalla V)’
  3. Agonoize: ‘Staatsfeind’
  4. Blutengel: ‘Waiting For The Night’
  5. Die Form: ‘Slavesex (XXX Version)’
  6. DIN [A] Tod: ‘Glory In The Highest’
  7. Auto-Auto: ‘Where The Buffalo Roam’
  8. Elegant Machinery: ‘Bleeding Words’
  9. Ashbury Heights: ‘Smile’
  10. Client: ‘Can You Feel (Kindle Remix)’
  11. Combichrist: ‘Scarred’
  12. Hocico: “‘Fed Up’
  13. The Cyberchrist Project: ‘A Piece Of Me (Club Version)’
  14. Kriminal Minds: ‘Back To What You Are’
  15. Amduscia: ‘Perverse Party’
  16. Container 90: ‘Clean’
  17. Turnbull A.C.’s: ‘Man Made Modern Machines’
  18. And One: ‘Paddy Is My DJ’

For more information visit the Out of Line Myspace and website.