Patrick Wolf arrested overseas

By June 9, 2009 January 26th, 2014 World

UK-based Electro-popper Patrick Wolf was reportedly arrested yesterday evening (on June 8) for spitting in a bouncer’s face.

The singer, who was performing at Slim‘s in San Francisco as part of his US tour, commented on Twitter about the experience, and said he was almost shot in the face.

In a series of Twitter posts today, Wolf wrote, “Was arrested by san fran police for spitting in a bouncer’s face in protection of myself. Was almost shot in the face by a policeman. WTF? was told by the policeman “take your shitty ass music out of this city and if you ever step off that tour bus you will be *****”

“Feeling very thelma and louise right now.. must sleep… not allowed off the bus or i will be shot by a policeman. this country is insane!!! btw. apparently my spit DEFINITELY contains hiv, swine flu and hepatitis that is why my spit is a deadly weapon according to police here!”

Following a show tonight in Hollywood, Wolf is scheduled to continue his tour with a show in Denver on June 12.

For more information visit the band’s Myspace and website.

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