Theatre Des Vampires on a break

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By November 15, 2008 October 14th, 2013 World

Italian gothic metal band THEATRES DES VAMPIRES has issued the following update:

Sonya [Scarlet, vocals] has been having a nervous breakdown for a huge psychological stress linked to some really serious family problems. She cannot follow any planned activities this period ’cause [of] her precarious health condition. We are really worried for Sonya’s health and it would be almost mpossible for us to carry on at this moment. We hope that all ours fans could understand the reason for this temporary break.”

THEATRES DES VAMPIRES released its latest album, “Anima Noir”, in May via Aural Music/SPV. The CD was recorded at the Temple of Noise studio in Rome with engineer Christian Ice. According to a press release, “Anima Noir” features “romantic lyrics, lyrical voices, strong orchestration, powerfull guitars and powerful drumming. All the elements that you loved in THEATRES DES VAMPIRES are back in this new production. A new modern sound and a super modern production that took six months of work in the studio for recording and mixing it, offering you the best experience of vampirism as always, with the enchanting vocals of the mistress of your nightmare: Countess Sonya Scarlet, this time with her best performance ever.”

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