CD Review: Alter Der Ruine – Giants From Far Away

By January 7, 2009 September 10th, 2016 CD

Right from the word go this will take you on a unique journey, from the “fairytale” beginning of ‘A Plea For The Dawn / Cries For Giants From Far Away’ to the stomping digital-hardcore blast-beats moments later on ‘Demon Missile.’ This album, from its opening minutes gears itself up to be your ultimate headfuck.

‘Loserstreet’ is thumping, addictive and totally cyber – it’s built for dancefloors, and engineered to stay in your head for days. This is the kind of accessible work that will appeal just as much to fans of Haujobb as it will to fans of dark-electro. ‘Perfect Date’ starts of slow, with comical samples leading into Aphex Twin aural-style assault, brutal, unforgiving and totally addictive. This will have headbangers raving and ravers fainting all-over the shop when it’s played, that being said, there are some smooth breaks packed in there which help the overall pace and tone. ‘Dark Cheats’ is a sonic boom waiting to go off as you try to take a rest, just when you think it’s safe to come off the floor, this beast will drag you back on with its mad synths and electronic jackhammer rythmes. Fast, hard and dirty – just the way you like it.

‘Relax and Ride It’ slows everything down slightly to a sexy groove that will see hundreds mindlessly grinding against one another over the coming months in various settings. ‘Fat Pony’ by contrast while certainly epic, may confuse you simply because of the complete clash of styles used by the three-piece here, meaning that for once there is too much going on. ‘Batsmasher’ picks everything up again with a vicious temperament and blistering delivery blending elements of EBM, techno and weirdness to make for one hell of a track, literally. The amazingly titled ‘Stuffin’ The Jellyroll Muffin’ and it’s nifty samples are enough to make this the standout, but add a touch of ball-busting synthetic goodness and some heafty drum beats – well then you’ve got a deliciously evil mix. ‘Sexbomb’ follows on nicely with well crafted 8-bit sounds bulldozing through clever samples. ‘Get Off My Gems (Mother Money)’ is the final offering and it’s a fine way to end, it’ll rock your socks off. Take this album for a drive, and see where you end up.

This is indeed the kind of album that you can play anywhere, and it’ll get you in the mood to move [and no, it’s not just like the others that you THINK will do the same thing for you] it’s well thought-out powerful electro for the masses.

For Fans Of: Aphex Twin, Modulate, Haujobb

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