CD Review: Deadcell – ‘Black Rooster’

By December 6, 2009 September 26th, 2013 CD

From the Netherlands Deadcell’s new release and their third album ‘Black Rooster’, rocks from the start like Rammstein with hard and harsh pumping Industrial guitar riffs. But when the voice falls within the close proximity to the Dope Stars Inc it becomes remarkable; just a little bit dirtier. Catchy and known guitar chords melt together with electronic programming in an impressive way; nothing really new but well done by Deadcell. The changes and variations are pretty expansive based on amazing ideas like the clerical, demagogic chorus in ‘Deus Ex Machina’ – Industrial entertainment to make the bad boys and girls dance; it is metallic pop to drive the live audience on at gigs or on the dancefloor.


The Curse Of Human Kind’ includes a short interruption by melancholic piano and distorted reciting voice. This track focuses on the lyrics. They’re about political and social themes illustrating the wish of the band’s songwriter and leader, Marcus Bodine, to provoke awareness and change in the society. ‘Fight! Fight!’ is a song which should work very well for the live performance with its easy to catch refrain. ‘I Cry’ especially attracts attention, because it breaks through the pure dance character of most of the other songs with more expression in vocal and percussive parts which sometimes sound too straight and simple. Generally though, this is a strong album for fans of balls-out Industrial metal. Not the best of album titles though…?


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