CD Review: Die With Me Tonight – Die With Me Tonight

By January 7, 2009 September 10th, 2016 CD

Die With Me Tonight produce a lot with such a simple line-up, David Frost’s articulate programming and arrangement skills are coupled with Laura Hofford’s seductive and emotive vocal whispers. She takes the listener through the opening moments of ‘Follow’ serenading us, allowing us to join with her in the oblivion that she has dreamed up for these four minutes. It’s dreamy, decadent and totally haunting.

‘Fall Apart’ by contrast is raw, cutting and deep. It’s more menacing and a touch darker than the opening track, it leads nicely into the hard-edged trip-hop of ‘Hypocrite’ which continues to evolve from the shy opening.  The follow-up tune is ‘A Moment Of Reflection’ which brings about a slow machine-laden break allowing for ‘Black’ to come on full pelt mixing a wash of turbulent electronics in with deep and proud vocals for a personal song with substance that attacks the senses and in turn, helps to pick up the pace of the album.

‘Mass Deception’ and ‘Severe’ continue on with the underlying dark themes of the album, balancing solid electro with soulful vocals for a thought provoking double-act. The final track on offer here is ‘Yoked Together’ which makes for a heavy and very valuable upbeat end to an album with such sombre make-up. The bottom line is that this is a darkwave record, it will keep you hooked the whole way through and for better or worse, one of these very intense and brooding tracks is certain to push a button on your emotional register. It’s a good body of work altogether, and it would be interesting to see how it is portrayed when taken out on the road.

For Fans Of: Portishead, Rasputina, K’s Choice

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