CD Review: Innersylum – ‘Arms Of An Angel’

By November 4, 2010 September 27th, 2013 CD

Innsersylum are a Hull-based quartet producing a cross between hard rock and power metal which they have poured into a four-track EP titled ‘Arms Of An Angel‘. We’re slightly worried when the information indicates they have recorded this themselves, as experience has taught us this is a rocky path that leads to muffled guitar, muted drums and generally distracting poor sound quality.


Therefore it comes as a pleasant surprise that the quality is actually very good when title track opens, although some elements will remind the listener quickly that this is self-recorded. The drums are slightly off-tempo and the overall sound labours at times trying to keep up with the track, this is all the more noticeable as the loudest instruments are at the front of the mix, with the vocals being lost somewhere in the background. It’s not a bad tune to listen to but it’s fairly typical when considering the overall package.

Nothing improves much with ‘Nothing In Your Life‘ as the mix is much the same with the track being introduced by overbearing guitar distortion that in turn obliterates the other important aspects. While there’s nothing wrong with a slow chugging rhythm if thought goes into it, this track will more likely inspire you to skip forward in search of something a little faster.

Refreshingly, ‘Fire Within‘ opens with a nice clean collaboration between bass and guitar, and smacks into a rhythmic and punchy intro. It certainly has more to offer than the previous tracks on this. Still the band is left to search for that real “hook” to snare the listener as ‘Into The Light’ finishes things off with a fairly decent opening from the drums as Paul thunders across the toms. Again though, paired with the wall of guitar noise, vocalist Derk‘s credible Bruce Dickinson-style vocals are lost in the background somewhere wailing away. The composition is pretty good here, and really the drums keep the song alive, but sadly it’s too big a job to put on one instrument.

There are good and bad points here but overall, this sound is too typical of many hard rock bands of the moment, and more importantly has been put to bed by giants of the genre in the past, and should be left there in peace.


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