CD Review: Silvertone – ‘Alive’

By March 10, 2012 September 11th, 2016 CD

Knaresborough rockers Silvertone are fairly new to the rock ‘n’ roll scene. However after a successful reception at live gigs, most recently supporting Zico Chain on the York leg of their tour, the future looks promising. Their EP entitled ‘Alive’ is a real demonstration of the band’s talent, showing both determination and passion. The first tune is also the title effort. ‘Alive’ is an upbeat and catchy number, reminiscent of bands such as Rise Against, but Silvertone have added their own unique tones. James Weller’s vocals are strong and give the tune a quintessentially Brit-rock feel.


The strong guitars and drums make this track and create an infectious rhythm. The second offering is entitled ‘Town Called Home’. This one takes on a quicker pace and demonstrates a rather different tone to the band’s sound. Still continuing the catchy beats and lyrics but with more focus on George Tyreman’s guitar-playing, this zesty number could become a summer hit. The third and final track, ‘Survive Yourself’ again takes the sound in a different direction. With focus of guitar and vocal ability, the slower pace of this mellow track demonstrates that proper rock isn’t all about moshpits and stage dives. Overall, this EP is a strong start for Silvertone.

The differences between each track allow the band to demonstrate the flexibility of their sound and show how well they work together as a unit. Silvertone are an example of modern rock without the unnecessary frills of synths and pop samples; good old fashioned rock made simply with guitars, bass, drums and vocals. Yeah!


For more information visit the official Silvertone Facebook page.