CD Review: State Of Error – ‘Forever Waiting’

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By November 6, 2011 January 13th, 2013 CD

Now with two EPs and one full-length under their belt since 2008, and support slots with UK Subs and Stiff Little Fingers on their collective CV, State Of Error’s latest release, ‘Forever Waiting’, keeps the momentum that the Yorkshire four-piece have developed chugging along nicely.


The immediate thing that hits you with this EP is that all the energy from live shows is captured pretty well, something that bands can struggle with at times. The opening title track seems to get the balance of what the act is aiming for right with a “punky” sound reminiscent of Anti Flag and, ace sing-along potential at gigs – it’s the kind of song that if you were at a gig and not really paying attention it would wake you up and hook your interest.

‘Story Of Our Lives’ keeps the momentum going, sounding almost Wonder Years-esque at times but the chugging metal riff two-thirds through the song seems massively out of place in comparison to the rest of the track and its lyrical content. The same can be said for ‘Wasted A Day’, with a guitar solo and drum fills that just seem so random and out of place compared to the rest of the song – padding that we don’t think is needed and that would make the tracks so much stronger and tighter if they had been cut. Unfortunately the metal influence hinted at with the past two tracks gets a full-blown outing on track four which leaves the listener somewhat confused. It’s unsure if they’re going for crossover appeal, hinting at what’s to come in the future or just wanted to try something a bit different, but it doesn’t work in our opinion and mars an EP that we were enjoying. ‘Full Circle’ cleanses the pallet a little with a short burst of hardcore-punk goodness and leaves you with a statement of the pure energy State Of Error convey.


For the most part, ‘Forever Waiting’ is a great listen. We think what State Of Error need to do is define a definite sound to call their own as the EP is muddled at times due to the creeping metal influence. With that said, we fully support their development.


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