Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows – ‘D.R.U.G.S’

By February 23, 2011 December 30th, 2021 CD

When Chiodos’ singer Craig Owens was booted from the band who knew what was to follow. Difficult times and difficult addictions, one could easily imagine Craig Owens being a lost talent fading into the black never to be heard from again but no, that simply wouldn’t do. Who would have thought he was about to embark on a personal journey which would be better than the last. 2010 saw Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows emerge as an explosive, break-onto-the-scene with a bang, monster of a band who were ready to capture your imagination and steal your hearts. Classified and certified, if you feel you want to put a label on them “post-hardcore” is the chain to tie around their necks. But they’re more than just that – catchy as hell, visual and unique with an individual artist talent which may make you controversially inclined to think that D.R.U.G.S were indeed the fuel this band is fed with…

With the band line-up being dropped via YouTube by Craig Owens introducing clips over the past few months, they’re using the mother’s teet method of drip feeding you until you’re hooked. So who have we got? Guitars and vocals are Nick Martin (Underminded) and Matt Good (From First to Last), bass powerhouse Adam Russell (Story of the Year), drummer Aaron Stern (Matchbook Romance) and then Craig takes the steer as showman extraordinaire. This method of drip feeding the fans seems to be doing the trick; monthly teaser song releases have worked their cultish following into frenzy. The dark-veined ‘Sex Life’ was launched on January 18 and you can see these guys taking the mainstream rock world by storm with a sound comparable to that of The Used – Craig Owens is an equal match to Bert McCracken vocally and musically but with a sharper-edged sword.

The new self-titled album kicked into stores near you on the 22 of this month, full of the promised killer riffs, catchy hooks, chunky bass and interspersed with catchy electronic sounds and even a slither taster of dubstep thrown in the mix. This is an album jam-packed with fist throwing angry attitude and slick in production. Who’d have thought Owens would have upturned the urn and used the ashes for a phoenix of an album? This is a band full of new hope and about to venture out on a stage near you, make sure you’re ready for them!

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