Does It Offend You, Yeah? [Cockpit, Leeds] March 7, 2011

By March 8, 2011 October 30th, 2016 CD

Are we ready? Yes. Tonight, Does It Offend You, Yeah? Put on a show that makes us smile. Shouldn’t all live music be like that? Yes. Is it? Most definitely not. What we mean is, that with their passion, enthusiasm and er, bangin’ tunes, this delightfully named five-piece from Reading shake our collective soul tonight…


Indeed, as we look up at the Cockpit 2’s stage, we see a group with material that not only rivals the crossover appeal of Pendulum and The Prodigy but perhaps improves and expands on that genre-bending formula and, a stage show that in time, will be blinding millions. Prime examples of this mastery are of course, rave-tastic opener ‘The Wrestler’ which cleverly incorporates a sample of former ECW boss Paul Heyman (taken from 99’s documentary ‘Beyond The Mat’) repeating “This is the dance,” almost symbolising DIOYY’s arrival as a world-beating band in 2011 with two conquering records.

Other choice cuts of epic electro-rock mashing include the defiant new single (and set closer) ‘The Monkeys Are Coming’ packed full to the brim with heavier than usual riffs and spine-shaking drum beats, the schizophrenic ‘We Are The Dead’. Our stand-out moment though, comes in the form of defining tune ‘We Are Rockstars’ (featuring very impressive guest vocals from Leeds’ local…Mike); this is a song that whips every single body in the capacity crowd of rockers, punks, indie kids, metallers and electroheads into a fine frenzy.

We get that you probably know who these guys are, but if you haven’t seen them perform yet, then you need to. If you only see a few bands this year, make this one of them. DIOYY? is a unit built for the people and its members obviously champion crowd interaction alongside musical (and technical) precision – essential things for any electronic band on the road in our eyes.

As synths, drums and guitars are bought together in chaotic harmony on stage, noses are left bloody off it (most everyone, apart from us, because we’re wimps…) takes a stage-diving opportunity tonight – many ended well, but as always, there are a few young and in-experienced red-faced exceptions. So for “the people’s band” and the fans it has been a good night. Do they offend us though? Na mate, they are just pretty f*ck**g good.

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