CD Review: In Strict Confidence – ‘My Despair’

By December 6, 2009 September 26th, 2013 CD


There are some remixes on this new EP of the title track ‘My Despair‘ which differ pretty much from each other. It’s a nice piece of entertaining goth-pop the German electro band produced after three years of absence with strong reminiscence to the late 80s. The title song uses ingredients of soft rock with the poetic lyric of a hoarsely, melodic vocals and the keyboard programming sound; all together creating a warm, relaxing tune to lift you up during a dark day.


Feeling‘ has an atmospheric entrance and introduces classical educated singer Nina De Lianin, whose voice fits very well to the poppy melancholic and relaxed song. The following Sono remix of ‘My Despair‘ is a very electronic modification, an addition for those who like a stay in a sterile cyber-disco with monotonous synths loops ala’ Kraftwerk.

Constant Flow‘ gives a bit more speed with electric guitars and a bow to the integration of rocking aspects into the dance-orientated soundscape. The next two remixes of the title track bring one quiet version for the living room on Sunday evening, the other is a more progressive extended version – it’s a nice appetizer, not spectacular and rather difficult, if somebody was waiting for something more to shake their limbs to, it doesn’t come here. Compared to the band’s earlier material this body of work is not a groundbreaking, but it is definitely above average.


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