Live Review: Zico Chain [Fibbers, York] March 2, 2012

By March 4, 2012 March 2nd, 2015 CD

The line-up on this typically dark and cold Yorkshire eve, is a practical smorgasbord of musical genres, bands Beretta Suicide, IHEART, Silvertone and Zico Chain create an eclectic mix.

First to grace the stage are Leeds punk beasties, Beretta Suicide. With all the energy of a caged Tasmanian devil, Joey K, Ryan, Noel and Kidd Pert show the audience that punk is definitely back. With songs such as ‘Another Wolf In The Wings’, ‘Go Slow’ and ‘So Gentle’, the guys warm up the crowd to almost “scorching” temperature with heavy punk riffs and some great drums.

Up next, comes the returning locals IHEART and the feeling in the air changes. Combining soulful vocals and catchy beats with old-school rock rhythms. Beth Stephenson’s vocals are powerful and passionate, but do not distract from the pure rock ‘n’ roll feel. Taking on the third slot of a line-up is never an easy task, but Silvertone take it in their stride. Gracing the stage in a very cheerful and downplayed manner, the unit appear very humbled by their reception. However, with all the grit and energy of bands such as Rise Against, Silvertone attack with catchy riffs and bass; it’s hard to stand still as you hear the passion and joy in James’ vocals in songs such as ‘Alive’ and ‘Town Called Home’.

The lights grow dim and background music begins to play as Zico Chain take to the stage. Like the rock stars of old, these guys own the thing with swagger and attitude, and engage with the audience like members of the band. Although “blessed” with a bad case of flu, vocalist Chris Glithero still brings all the energy and power he can muster, blasting out tunes ‘Pretty Pictures’, ‘Rophynol’ and ‘Where Would You Rather Be?’ amongst others with a real confidence and drive. Zico’s combo of edgy riffs, infectious bass lines and overall grittiness is just as relevant now as it has always been. Get well soon Chris!


For more information visit the official Zico Chain website.