Turisas – ‘Stand Up And Fight’

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By February 11, 2011 September 10th, 2016 CD

This is Turisas’ time to shout…even louder than they usual do. With ‘Stand Up And Fight’ they have produced an accessible, diverse and wholly anthemic record that sets them apart from other “viking metal” pretenders who simply want to look pretty in body paint with lots (and lots…) of fur…


Turisas as a band should be hailed as the artists who brought this niche genre kicking and screaming into the mainstream rock charts with their unique folk-inspired heavy sound. Their debut album ‘Battle Metal’ (2004) set the ball rolling for the distinctive black and red-painted band to achieve something very close to worldwide domination.

Indeed, while many alternative music fans were initially hesitant to don large furs and sweaty leathers in support of the group, nobody could deny the showmanship and general quality of the group’s material. With its catchy lyrics, the band’s single ‘Battle Metal’ became a strong favourite in clubs all around the country and it remains an essential ingredient inside many credible rock DJ sets today. Why is that important here? Well, along with the international success of 2007’s ‘The Varangian Way’ it has meant that you just haven’t been able to ignore them over the last few years whether it be in your home town, or at a festival. Just in case you hadn’t guessed, they’re about to get a little harder to avoid…

Here, the viking storytellers stray outside of their well-established comfort zone of booze and battle to head in a slightly new direction with this album. ‘Stand Up And Fight’ still maintains the viking-themed subject matter (so, don’t panic!), heavy riffage and marching drums. That said, there seems to be more of a steampunk-esque atmosphere surrounding a number of tracks on here which naturally translates into more string elements and epic 80’s-influenced symphonic rock moments – check out ‘Take The Day!’ and you’ll see where we are coming from here.

Our standout tracks include ‘March Of The Varangian Guard’ and ‘Hunting Pirates’ – these tunes will be stuck in your head for days…we promise. The orchestras and choirs really add a whole other dimension to the release and again, this style of experimentation sets Turisas further apart in a modern metal scene populated by imitators – these elements will lift you when you are in the foulest of moods. Some of the band’s established fans may dislike this minor shift in musical direction, but the majority will appreciate the unit’s ability to take its successful formula and add to it by pushing boundaries and moving away from what is expected from them. So now, raise your goblet in the air for Turisas once more, it’s time for battle…

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