Eight Much Loved Films That Turn 10 This Year

By November 18, 2017 December 29th, 2021 Blogs, Film, News

In the year Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’ took over the world, Gordon Brown became Prime Minister, and the first ever iPhone was created, many movie masterpieces hit our cinemas. Below are 8 of the most popular films of 2007, so sit back and relive the move magic. From comedies to book adaptations, there’s something for everyone!



Hairspray is without a doubt one of the most loved musicals, adored for its catchy soundtrack, heart-warming back story and award-winning cast. The musical centres around plump teenager Tracy Turnblad who teaches 1960s Baltimore that integration is important. She sings and dances her way onto a local TV show where she breaks the norm and makes history.

Viewers fell in love with Zac Efron as he became Link Larkin, serenading us all in our seats as we munched our popcorn. And how could we ever forget John Travolta as Edna Turnblad? Singing and boogying along to the foot-tapping ‘You Can’t Stop The Beat’. Other key cast members include Christopher Walken, Michelle Pfeiffer and Queen Latifah.

The film is the sixth highest grossing musical in US history, and it was the record-holder for the biggest opening weekend of a film based on a Broadway musical (until Mamma Mia knocked it off the top spot in 2008).

Hot Fuzz

It has been 10 years since Simon Pegg and Nick Frost brought this piece of comedy gold to the silver screen. Who could forget Frost’s impressive swan call as the pair attempted to catch a runaway swan? The tale starts when exceptional London Police Officer, Nicholas Angel, is reassigned to a quiet town in Sandford where he is paired with Danny Butterman. It’s safe to say Butterman isn’t the best cop in the world. Our protagonists find themselves on a journey of chaos as they try to solve the murders of the townsfolk.

Hot Fuzz was nominated for a British Academy Award in 2007 and won an Empire Award for Best Comedy in 2008. The film is the most financially successful film out of Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright’s trio of films (Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead and The World’s End).


Remy is the only rat most of us would happily see in our kitchen. The friendly and talented little rat cooks up a storm throughout the film whilst helping a young kitchen worker find success as a chef at one of the finest restaurants in France. Remy dreams of being a chef, but unfortunately teaching Liguini his tricks of the trade is the only way for his delicious food to be served at Gusteau’s restaurant in Paris.

In 2008, Ratatouille won an Oscar, BAFTA and Golden Globe for Best Animated Film.

I Am Legend

Will Smith (pictured)’s sci-fi horror has one of the best onscreen relationships between man and dog. Neville (Will Smith) is the last surviving human in New York City after an incurable virus wiped out mankind. As a scientist helping to contain the virus, he become immune to it. However, our protagonist is not alone: he has his trusty four-legged companion by his side to help fight mutant victims of the virus: The Infected.

Will Smith won an MTV Movie Award in 2008 for Best Male Performance. I Am Legend opened to the largest ever box office in the US for a non-Christmas film.


Two nerdy best friends who are nearing the end of their High School days manage to bag an invitation to a party. The film focuses on Seth (Jonah Hill), Evan (Michael Cera) and their friend Fogell (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) prepare for the party that could possibly change their lives forever. They try their best to get hold of plenty of alcohol to help them score their crushes. Will they be able to kick-start their sex lives and go off to college with a Summer full of fun? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

Superbad is still many people’s go-to funny film, due to the hilarious scenes that make you laugh out loud. Fogell’s fake ID… need I say more? The film was nominated for five MTV Movie Awards in 2008, and it opened at number one in the US box office.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

The fifth instalment of the Harry Potter series provided us with a character we could hate even more than Voldemort: Dolores Umbridge. Yes, it has been ten years since arguably the worst character ever to be created graced our screens. She made the film agonisingly painful to watch at times due to wanting to knock her silly pink hat off her head every time she shrieked at Harry and co. They had only one choice: create Dumbledore’s Army, a kind-of after school club where they could avoid Dolores’ prying eye and focus on fighting Voledmort.

Although Order of the Phoenix is the longest book JK Rowling wrote, it is the second shortest film in the franchise. It was nominated for two BAFTA film awards in 2008.


James McAvoy and Keira Knightley star in this epic wartime romance based on the novel by Ian McEwan. They portray Cecilia and Robbie, young lovers who find themselves entwined in a passionate relationship. However, things take a sour turn when Cecilia’s younger sister, Briony, changes the lives of several people when she accuses Robbie of a crime he did not commit.

Full of emotional scenes and a perfectly fitting score, Atonement went on to win an Oscar and a Golden Globe for Original Score in 2008. It also won a Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture.

Shrek the Third

The beloved big green ogre returned to our screen for the third time in 2007. Shrek (Mike Myers) is forced to swap his grubby swamp for the fancy Kingdom of Far Far Away after becoming successor to the throne following the death of King Harold. After discovering ruling a kingdom is not for him, Shrek finds himself on a journey to find the legitimate Heir to the throne, Artie (Justin Timberlake), with the help of Donkey (Eddie Murphy) and Puss in Boots (Antonio Banderas). Meanwhile, the evil Prince Charming teams up with all the villains of the well-known fairy tales in order to try and defeat Shrek once and for all.

Shrek the Third was nominated for Best Animation at the BAFTA Awards. The film had the best opening weekend ever for an animated film until it got knocked off the top spot 9 years later by Finding Dory.