Live Review: 65daysofstatic [Fibbers, York] March 30, 2014

By April 3, 2014 July 31st, 2016 Live, Reviews

65daysofstatic make beautiful, heart-achingly mint music that make every single writer here at Soundspheremag HQ feel great about everything. This is the stuff we put on when it all gets a bit much, this is the stuff we put on when we feel awesome, and this is the stuff we put on to let loose. And so, seeing this stuff played live is a bit of a treat really.


Everything the band performs in Fibbers sounds pretty damn awesome – hypnotic and infectious the whole damn time. From the intense, jackhammer sounds of ‘Mountainhead’ through to the touching, spine-tingling and almost perfect notes of ‘Safe Passage’ (from the band’s new record, ‘Wild Light’), 65daysofstatic sound every bit as good as they’re hyped to be out in the live arena. A highlight for tonight though, is ‘Crash Tactics’, a track that is so raucous in delivery, and such a joy to watch as a performance piece that we can hardly contain our excitement. Absolutely blinding stuff, and a great show to snag for Fibbers, too. Proper ace all round here, then. Mega riffs, sky-scraping electronic elements, decadent keyboard lines and powerful beats are what we are all about here at Soundsphere magazine, and there’s no band that comes to mind right now (from Yorkshire at least) that exemplifies that compex crossover, genre-bending sound quite like 65daysofstatic. We haven’t been this excited for, and at a show in a while, so yeah, this is nice.

Oh, before we go, mad love should also be expressed for Thought Forms, who are one of the best opening acts we’ve seen this year. Real energy, and great, provocative post-rock tunes for the win.