Live Review: Alter Bridge [Academy, Newcastle] October 17, 2010

By Lucy Houlden
By October 22, 2010 July 12th, 2012 Live

It’s hard to believe now, but the thriving rock venue in which we stand, quivering with anticipation for the arrival of Alter Bridge, was once something as utterly at odds with the world of rock stars as a bingo hall.


Since then of course, its stage has been graced by some of the greatest alternative artists the world has to offer, and this evening is no different. As we stand breathlessly in the crowd, gazing up at the blackbird-emblazoned stage, we know that we’re in for something pretty special.

True to form, the night gets off to an explosive start as we’re joined firstly by gutsy supporting rockers, Slaves To Gravity, whose soaring guitar melodies and catchy vocals leave the crowd buzzing. Suspense then builds as we wait, ready for more and poised for Alter Bridge. As the lights finally lower a second time, ripples of appreciation sweep across the crowded room: the show has begun.

What follows is an astounding blend of well-crafted melodies and powerful vocals, a combination which has characterised this band throughout their six-year musical journey together. With boundless energy and drive, the hard rock favourites go on to present a performance which can only be described as inspirational.

Old songs are juxtaposed against new, and heavier tracks laid next to soft, in a heady mixture which is sure to please all fans. The energised sound of 2007 release ‘White Knuckles’ surges from the speakers and melts seamlessly into the softer tones of new favourite of mine, ‘All Hope Is Gone’, in a thoroughly varied set list which certainly ticks all the boxes.

The set concludes with the much-loved title track of the previous album, ‘Blackbird’, but we’re not content to end it there. After calling out eagerly for more, we’re treated to a generously portioned encore including the emotionally powerful ‘Watch Over You’ and lively new release, ‘Isolation’.

As the final track, ‘Rise Today’, fades out into the night, a shiver runs down our spine and we reflect upon a spectacular evening. One thing’s for sure: this is a band which is set to rise in our appreciation for quite some time to come.


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