Band Spotlight: Bones UK (2019)

By July 2, 2019 Band, Listen, Spotlight

In the latest Band Spotlight, we chat to Rosie Bones about their current rise to rock ‘n’ roll fame, the new album and more…

S] Hi guys, how are you doing today? 

Great. Loads of planning for our album release show. But all GOOD. Sun’s shining.

S] How do you feel about your progress since last year? 

So happy to be getting our first album out there. Been on some sick tours. Amazing having more and more people knowing what we are doing. Stepping the live show production up is super fun too.

S] What do you see as the band’s missions statement now?

To enjoy what we do. To use (what ever platform we have) to say something. To be killer live and to blow people’s brains out.

S] What are the biggest challenges you face as artists now, in 2019?

Over saturation. There are just so many bands out there it’s hard to get your head above the water. But if you’ve got legs as strong as we do and as much persistence as we do…there’s no choice but to find a way

S] You reworked a couple of older tracks for the album – what prompted this?

We wanted the album to be the best possible versions of every song we had. Our sound has developed so with some of the earlier ones we needed to get them up to scratch.

S] What direct experiences inspired ‘Black Blood’ from the record? 

Ohooooooo SO MANY. When you’re in a band or traveling a lot it’s hard to let yourself be loved by someone. There’s this thing that it’s kind of ‘cooler’ to be in pain…or unhappy…so you tend to push the nice ones away and float towards that. Self destruct anything nice.

S] What does success mean to you?


S] What makes you happy? 


S] What would you say to other young artists, who are trying to build their reputation as you have managed to do? 

Be determined. It might not happen easily so you have to be prepared to weather the storm. Work hard. Keep your head down and make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. Cos you LOVE music. Cos you want to say something. Share something with the world. Not just cos you want to be famous or rich or skip the lines at a club.

S] Cheers for your time today!