Listen: Seep Away – ‘Lovin’ You (Minnie Riperton cover)’

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By December 13, 2017 Listen, News
British hardcore punk band Seep Away announces its demise with a new free-to-download album.


York-based hardcore punk band today announces its death with a new free-to-download album, The Blackened Carnival Of Societal Ineptitude, on December 20th. Recorded with Dom Fraser (Pelico) at Melrose Yard Studios in their hometown, the record captures the raw energy of a band destroying itself from the inside.

Of the record’s development, drummer, Dom Smith comments: “This is a dedication to all of the bands we’ve played with, and all the people who have supported us through our existence. Life is bleak, loads of terrifying, dark shit happens with brief moments of pure and absolute wonder, and then you die. Hold on to the wonder as long as you can because it’s fleeting, and if you dare, cut out anyone who tries to fuck with you, your dreams, or the people that you love. Do so without remorse, because those dreams and those brief moments are worth cherishing, and they’re some of the best things that will happen to us. This is our brief moment of wonder. If you want it, take it. Thank you, and goodnight.”

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