Listen: The Franceens – ‘Demos’

By Editor
By January 22, 2016 Listen, News

York trash-punks The Franceens have some new demos out. We like ’em. They recorded them at The White Rooms in York, not in a rehearsal room, but in the middle bit, hall-thing between the rehearsal rooms.

the franceens


A fellow named Sid McQuilliam was also there, and made the tea that day. It’s his playlist we’re using in this tiny feature. We like Sid. We’re not exactly sure what he thinks of us, ever. Thanks for this, Sid!

Aaaanyhow, the fact that this collection was recorded in a hall-type space gives the demos an excellent reverb and echo that really adds a great deal to the atmosphere of these beastly, addictive bangers. The Franceens are world-beaters, ladies and germs – York’s next greatest alternative hope, guaranteed. This proves it; through all the tracks proper tribal beats meet with quirky, intelligent (wholly accessible) riffs and proper old-school rockabilly-style vocals. Totally and utterly mint.

Listen to the demos below, won’t you?

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