Listen to DROOL’s frenetic indie anthem, ‘She Never Cut My Hair’

By May 7, 2020 Listen, News

Drool formed in East London in 2018 around vocalist and writer Joey Rogers who quickly joined with ex Vant drummer Martin Soderin and guitarist Louis Greenway.

SNCMH is a visceral and infectious song, promoting rock guitar riffs with unashamedly catchy pop melodies. Drool frontman Joey says: “It’s a fun, confident rock and roll track. My favourite records are ones you want to stick on in the car with mates and sing along to.”

It’s a short energy fuelled song with an explosive chorus, but it also manages to take you to unexpected places within its two minutes twenty-one seconds.

Inspired by the intimate vocal delivery of Billie Eilish and soaring guitar hooks of The Strokes, they took the track to ex-Tribes guitarist and producer Dan White at his studio in London Fields. “We have had the song in our repertoire for a long time, but in the studio, with Dan, the song found new life”, says Martin.