Spotlight: Allusondrugs

By Dom Smith
By October 22, 2013 Band, Listen, Spotlight

In our next industry spotlight interview, we chat to Drey (guitar) and Jason Moules (vocals) of emerging Leeds alt-rockers Allusondrugs about their music, inspirations and plans for the future.


S] What is the band’s mission statement?

D] “To work hard, to better ourselves with every task we undertake and to make good music that we are true to and that people will enjoy listening to.”

S] What experiences specifically inspire a track like ‘MyCat’?

J] “An instant epiphany of greatness.”

S] What are the biggest challenges for a band like Allusondrugs?

D] “Dealing with incompetent gig promoters, venues that exploit artists and egotistical recording engineers and producers. Oh. and icy roads.”

S] Do you think Leeds inspires your sound at all?

D] “Leeds inspires us to keep doing what we do – playing gigs and connecting with great people. We will not get sucked into the musical hype of it all. Leeds has an absolutely great music scene with some excellent bands and venues – its a shame that some Leeds bands tend to modify their sound based on whatever makes it fitting to the buzz coming out of Leeds. A great example is the fantastic Leeds band Pulled Apart By Horses – as soon as their name was cemented as major players, we saw a lot of good bands adapt their sound to better suit what PABH were having success with.”

S] What are your plans as we head into 2014?

D] “We plan to play out the rest of the year with our remaining shows. We also have a headline show at The Cockpit on Friday December 13 which will be our biggest show to date. As we enter 2014 we are planning to record an EP and hit the road and tour as many places as we possibly can.”

S] If you could come up with a Frankenstein’s monster for the band’s sound – for example, the head of Sonic Youth, the arms of Mastadon and the legs of Converge – what would it be made up of and why?

D] “Allusondrugs could be the head of Simply Red, the Neck of Nirvana, the Shoulders of Deftones, the Belly of Pixies, the Sexual organs of Placebo, the legs of My Bloody Valentine and the feet of Sonic Youth.”

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