Artist Spotlight: Witch Of The East

By January 3, 2019 January 4th, 2019 Band, Spotlight

S] What experiences inspired this project?

My previous band (Chambers) came to an end. Mainly because we were pushing in different directions artistically. We have a lot of good memories together that I’ll always cherish. Ultimately, I decided to leave because the time felt right. One night driving back on my own from Manchester to Wakefield after a not so great practice. I looked over to the other side of the motorway to see a paramedic trying to save the life of a man that had just been in a bad car accident. I don’t want to get graphic but I saw something I try to forget regularly. It was like a bullet to the brain. Why continue to do something you’re not enjoying? Life is too short!

Witch of the East has no limits, no compromises. It’s an honest interpretation of our surroundings. A harsh but beautiful world! Being free to say what you really mean! No matter who is listening.

S] What challenges do you face as an artist right now?

Keeping fit and somewhat healthy when I tour Europe. It’s easy to fall into the habit of drinking and partying after every show. Yesterday, I headed out for a Mcdonalds and didn’t make it back home until 8am. There was an Irish pub on the way.

S] How do you define success?

Getting messages from people all over the world telling you how much your music means to them. I tend to write music when I’m not in a great space. A place where all you want to do is stay in bed and do nothing. That’s when I pick up my pen and guitar. People seem to be able to relate to my lyrics and music. We’re a community of misfits but we embrace the fuck out of it.
I also love working with my musician friends. I’ve been lucky enough to meet some beautiful friends whilst touring. To me, that’s a success in itself. I’ve just finished recording my debut album with the lovely dudes down at Greenmount Studios, Leeds. Medina (Ex White Miles) and Morgan (MINATORE) came over to the UK/Leeds to lay some parts down for me. It was lush having the people you love in one place being creative.

Also, my best friends Tina, and Medina did some acting for me in the music video First Degree Murder (Suicide). I truly value these memories with my friends.

S] What motivates you outside of music, think specific people, spaces and movies for example?

I recently moved to Vienna partly for fresh inspiration. I think it’s important to keep pushing your boundaries as an artist. Making new friends and experiencing a new culture is a beautiful thing. New energies and vibes!

S] Was ‘First Degree…’ as an introduction, specifically designed to shock, if so, why?

I don’t like putting barriers up when it comes to art. If you feel like doing something just go for it. Too many artists play it safe with their lyrics, music and art. A few months back another band asked me for advice when it comes to music videos. I said the same thing to them. Why play it safe? Just go for it and enjoy expressing yourself. Life isn’t always pretty and safe. It’s fucking gritty and hard.