Band Spotlight: Birthday Girl

By May 21, 2019 Band, Spotlight

In our latest Band Spotlight, we chat to Birthday Girl, because we like them and they are mint. They also came here to eat.

S] What inspires you guys outside of music – think people, films and games?

BG]  The inspiration comes from personal encounters and life events. Often something or someone that’s seemingly quite bland or apparently uninteresting can have quite a big influence on the songwriting. But it’s very much person experiences from our own lives rather than making something up or reading about it in the news.

S] What challenges do you face as a band?

BG] Like any band, the main challenge is to make things work financially. Everything else is great.

S] How do you define success as a band?

BG] When everyone can quit their shit jobs, leave their shit apartment, play massive sold out shows all over the world, and drink boiler makers in the Rainbow Bar and Grill. Anyone who says otherwise is fibbing.

S] What direct experiences inspired ‘I Came Here To Eat’?

BG] It was a phrase that popped into my head every time someone would catch my eye, and I started to say it out loud. Its like stepping into a restaurant looking for a succulent dinner and asking to see menu. Table for one, I came here to eat!