Band Spotlight: Black Doldrums

By September 9, 2019 Band, Spotlight

S] What inspires your sound outside of music? Think specific people and places

I’d say our music is based around a journey. When writing I like to think of people and places so I suppose travel, friends and family are an inspiration. We wrote most of the first EP on tour in America as it’s so big and the landscape is different to England obviously. The people there are so diverse as well with a different outlook so it’s only natural to take all that in and it comes out in our music.

We also like to read a lot and have taken a lot of inspiration from beat literature and history. Any tragic stories that bring out a sense of empathy is very good for creativity. A bit like traditional folk and storytelling. For example our latest song “Mae’s Desire” took the idea of A woman called Betty May  as a kind of muse which then translated right across to the artwork.

S] How do you define success?

I’d say success is measured by first of all how proud you are of your work and knowing it’s your best and absolutely exactly what you want to be doing. In turn, that can be justified by a positive response from the people who buy your music and critics and thankfully we have a loyal following of people who get it. Although let’s face it most of the best bands and artists will often go un-noticed because of the current trend of narcissism amongst the general public. Hopefully that’s a good thing though, gives artists something to work against.

S] What are the greatest challenges you face as a band?

Probably working with the right people who you can trust. We’ve been really lucky and worked with some great hardworking people who really do want to help you on your way. You have to keep your cards close and try to remain open at the same time.

S] What would you say your mission statement is as a band?

Always to push ourselves. Being a duo it comes with challenges and I kind of like to be limited in some areas as it opens up other possibilities for creativity. As a result we always try and push ourselves and write the best we can with the most unique sound and movements we can find. All that plus being accessible to as many people as possible. The mission is to make a living from making music. 

S] What specific ideas were behind ‘Mae’s Desire’?

There was no idea as such. It’s always a fairly natural process. We had an idea for a mood and rhythm and Sophie was at the time reading about Betty May Golding which sparked an idea for lyrics then mirrored against our own lives and there you have it. It’s a puzzle. It’s really a song for us.