Band Spotlight: Chambers [2018]

By Dom Smith
By May 10, 2018 Band, Spotlight

In our latest Band Spotlight, we chat to Ellie and Aeris of Chambers about their current inspirations, and plans for the rest of the year.


S] So lyrically, what inspired ‘Silence’, and how difficult was it to develop?

Aeris] This song came together pretty quickly. I played Sister Doom backwards and the melody just popped into my head. It started off as a bit of a laugh but we soon realised we were on to something. We edited the video on our own which took a bit of time. It was a lot of fun though.

Ellie] I wrote the lyrics about a time when I was craving something I couldn’t have. I imagined someone standing at a door, trying to open it, but there was no way of getting to the other side. That’s sort of how I felt, it was like experiencing complete Silence.

The lyrics below for example: “I wait up for you, like I always do, you’re pretty edible, hide sick and tired, like an animal” – Is about that feeling of waiting for someone to change their mind and change their perception of you but feeling like an unwanted possession. I don’t really find lyrics a challenge, I enjoy them.

S] What’s motivating the band outside of music right now, think visuals and places for example?

Aeris] Witchcraft, Jiu Jitsu and painting. Spending time with loved ones is always a blessing. Also, staying sober is something I’m motived to keep doing.

Ellie] I’m really enjoying my photography at the moment, it’s something I’ve always been interested in and enjoy. I also love to travel, at the moment all the time. I recently travelled to Eastern Europe and took a lot of inspiration from the fashion and beautiful architecture in Budapest, Bucharest and Bulgaria. A lot of Bs there! I also love acrobalance and I read quite a lot. I would love to live in a library.

S] How has the band’s mission statement changed over time?

Aeris] I don’t think it’s changed over time. We adore writing original music and flexing our creativity in other areas such as fashion, art and our videos.

Ellie] I don’t think we’ve ever had a mission, although people assume we do. I feel I always had a vision of wanting to be in a two-piece and create something that was a little more special and personal that conveys my emotions more in a group environment. I would say we change our perceptions of the music we create over time but what band doesn’t I guess!

What would you say the biggest challenges you face right now as artists? 

Aeris] Money… Most things cost money. We were lucky to receive funding from PRS for all our releases in 2018. That really helped cover some of the costs.

Ellie] Despite me and Aeris having lived in different cities for the past few years, it hasn’t stopped us doing a lot of stuff really. I think expanding the team we work with will help massively in the future, but I do agree money is sometimes the biggest challenge.

S] What have you learned as artists from when you started out until now? 

Aeris] Not to get lost in the bureaucracy that comes with being involved in the music business. We’re too wise for that but we see other people make this mistake time and time again. It’s sad to see people putting other things before their music/art. It ultimately leads to unhappiness.

Ellie] I think unfortunately, being in a band is about making music just as much as it is about posting on social media, which I find crazy. I just like creating and expressing myself, but sometimes it’s tiring having to be like ‘look at me I’m amazing’ because it doesn’t always feel like that. There’s a certain amount of fakeness to it that doesn’t sit well with me, but social media has changed the world in a good way too. It’s important that understand you’re not just an ornament. I’ve also learnt not to feel pressure to live up to an expectation.

S] What are your main goals for the rest of the year?

Aeris] Our goals have always been to follow what excites us. Whether that be writing new music. Being creative with fashion and art. Writing scripts for music videos. To open up my own recording studio by the end of 2018.

Ellie] Travelling, writing, capturing and listening more to those I respect for inspiration.

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