Band Spotlight: In Depths

By Dom Smith
By September 26, 2018 Band, Spotlight

In our next Band Spotlight, we chat to Liam Ruddock, vocalist of Chester/Wrexham hardcore band, In Depths about new music and inspirations.


What inspires the band outside of music?

We’re all eclectic individuals. We all follow such different paths outside of music that collectively we take inspiration from so, many different aspects of life.

What would you say the band’s mission statement is?

Over the years I think every member could give you a different reason for doing what we do, depending on what was going on at that point in their life. From day one we just wanted to write and play the music we loved. For me personally, I was tired of seeing bands stand limply on stage shouting lyrics that held no truth or emotion. We all wanted to create a captivating and monstrous sound, then personify that sound on stage.

What would you say your biggest challenges are as a band?

Doing anything with dedication and passion comes at a cost, and I don’t just mean money. Time for family, careers and other passions can be pushed aside. Adverse effects on mental health and physical health. The list goes on. But nothing worth having in life comes easy. Sacrifices have to be made.

Talk us through the themes embodied within ‘Devil In The Deep’?

The overall theme of DITD is the realisation and acceptance of who and what you truly are. I see this album as a memoir and a list of confessions. Writing this album was not an easy process. Some of the lyrical themes follow past times in my life that I hadn’t fully embraced and accepted until I began writing them out. I wanted this album to feel real and hopefully that is apparent when you finally hear it on October 26th.

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