Band Spotlight: Melted Vinyl

By April 7, 2017 Band, Spotlight

Here’s our next band spotlight on LA rock band, Melted Vinyl.


What themes inspire your sound?

The themes that are present in classic rock music that take you for a journey in the music and tell a story, like in our song ‘Driving Me Mad’ talking about trying to get a girl and the struggles that go along with that.

What’s been a career highlight?

Definitely opening up for Jefferson Starship. And actually on that night Tommy Thayer of Kiss and Nikki Sixx from Mötley Crue came down to see us and that was just an amazing gig in total.

What visual inspirations inspire the band, outside of music?

Our city Los Angeles is a big factor in our music because it’s such a powerful city that provides so many opportunities for artists and yet there’s also that struggling artist aspect of the city which cuts to the core of one of our songs, ‘Reflections’ on our new EP.

Also as a band we all work really hard and push each other to get better and better which has accounted for so much of our growth as musicians, as a band and as people. We are all buds and having fun when we play as much as it is serious.

What song best represents the band?

Our song, ‘Look to the Sky’ represents us the most because it’s definitely that old school rock song feel yet it’s got our new vibe on it making it stand out.

What’s the future for the band?

Well we are always writing new songs and improving our craft because honestly, I think the dogma of the band is if you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse so always grinding. We are gonna keep playing throughout the rest of the year as much as we can. Also we are working on maybe filming a music video for one of our songs so we’ll see.