Band Spotlight: Negative Thought Process

By Dom Smith
By March 4, 2020 Band, Spotlight

In our latest band spotlight, we spotlight UK extreme music, with Reading standouts, Negative Thought Process, and a chat with vocalist Danny Page.

S] Talk us through this release and what it means to you?

We’ve been working on this release for several years now, in between the writing stages we changed drummers. Once Jordan [Allard, drums] came into the band everything slotted into place. We now have a far better writing dynamic than we did before, in the past I wrote most of the material and lyrics, but now all three of us are writing the lyrics and performing them.

S] What would you say that your biggest challenges are as artists now?

To be able to stay true to your values and morals while also trying to be noticed, recognised, respected and grow.

S] What motivates you guys outside of music, think specific people, places and movies for example?

Mostly, I think it’s us translating how our minds see this fucked up world. Current affairs be them political or not are an influence on us, but it all comes from how it personally effects the three of us.

S] How has the mission statement for NTP changed and developed over time?

I think our statement has never changed, it’s always been about challenging everything that is negative in life into something creative. As a race we shy away from confrontation, conflict and chaos, but these are all aspects of life that we need to accept as much as the positive aspects.

Oh, and that every song is no longer than 2 minutes, and has HM-2 guitar tones!

S] What advice would you give to other emerging artists who are coming out, and trying to make a dent? 

Be true to yourself, but ask questions and learn from others. There’s no proper pattern to musical success and success is relative to everyone, so you need to follow your own path.

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