Band Spotlight: PRAYERS

By December 14, 2017 December 15th, 2017 Band, Spotlight

In our latest band spotlight, we chat to Leafar Seyer of Cholo-goth pioneers, Prayers.


S] What are you guys up to today? 

Today just like every other day, we are living the dream. Dancing with reality and enjoying each other’s time and company. Being present is extremely important to me. Today I am charging my words with medicine. So that whoever finds themselves reading this can receive the word that heals.

S] Talk us through you biggest challenges as a band? 

I would say being ahead of our time. But then again that isn’t necessary a bad thing. Paving a new way on a perilous path is part of the adventure.

S] What keeps you passionate outside of music – think movies, people and places?

Life and it’s many truths and lies inspire me. I’m fascinated by how things affect me more than anything. For example I’m extremely curious about how I’m going to interact when confronted with new experiences. How am I going to behave when I find love? if I ever find it. Am I going to protect and take care of it or am I going to destroy it? Money; am I going to be generous with it and help my community or will I do the opposite? My interaction with the world inspires me. I am also a huge fan of Alejandro Jodorowsky, he’s a Chilean-French film director. The poet and ceremonial magician Aleister Crowley is another man that I admire with all my fire. Dave Parley – my spirit brother and bandmate – is my living muse and I am forever grateful to the stars for bringing him into my kaleidoscope of a life.

S] What do you think of modern industrial and goth music in 2017?

I dare not say. For those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

S] How important would you say the visual aspect of the band?

It is immensely important. The videos like the music are part of the same stream of consciousness that I connect and channel during the creative process. What some would call sleeping with the Gods. Both the music and videos are part of the same tapestry.

S] What would you like your legacy to be? 

My words! As limited as they are due to my lack of education are still mine, and what’s mine is yours. For they are the blueprint to a full life. I’ve experienced extreme poverty and before PRAYERS I’ve experienced great wealth. I’ve experienced pure love when my daughter was born and hate when she betrayed me. I’ve experienced what it’s like to be a God every time I set foot on stage and what it’s like to be a nobody. I know what it’s like to be desired and I’ve been unwanted. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everybody got to experience all the things life has to offer in one lifetime. Unfortunately most won’t. Some people are born extremely wealthy and will never get to experience poverty and I find that disheartening because there’s so much to learn from it. Alas, some won’t experience what it’s like to be desired because of what society perceives as beautiful. A cornucopia of life’s experiences shall be my legacy. Time capsuled in my own words and what’s mine is for the taking.

S] What would you like listeners to feel when they listen to the new record? 

Liberated, empowerment and courage! But more importantly I hope they can feel the unconditional love we have for them.

S] How are you looking forward to touring the UK next year, anything you’re looking forward to particularly?

With open arms and an open heart. We’re extremely excited for so many reasons. Hopefully we get to perform inside Stonehenge, that’s a dream of mine. Going to definitely hit up The Roman Baths. I would also like to get in a little trouble, maybe I’ll do some jaywalking on Abbey Road.

PRAYERS’ new album ‘Baptism Of Thieves’ is out now via BMG. You can stream/purchase it here