Band Spotlight: Spirit In The Room

By August 31, 2016 Band, Spotlight

In our next band spotlight, we chat to Dennis Sanders of Spirit In The Room about his music, and plans for this year.

Spirit In The Room

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S] What led to the creation of Spirit In The Room?

The desire to play music that I like. All these songs in my head are a distraction. They needed to get out.

S] What are the biggest challenge for you as an artist?

Being heard amongst the constant fridge buzz. Lots of people own laptops. Anyone and everyone thinks they can do this now. And if they have money, they get the better shot at it. That sucks.

S] Talk us through ‘Churchburner’ and its inspirations?

Churchburner is a song about knowing exactly what you want and doing what ever it takes to get it. It’s about wanting people to know that they don’t have to bullshit you. They can bullshit everyone else but you.. Because you see and hear through it all. And prefer not to waste time on any of it.

S] What motivates you as an artist – outside of music, think people and places, also movies?

I get inspiration and motivation from a lot of things. Colors, sounds, textures etc. I also respect the business sense behind things but at the same time I’m too honest to be a great business man. I want to learn so much about life in general. I’m open to a lot of things. And that motivates me.

S] What’s been a career highlight for you?

Well the fact that I’m able to keep doing this is a daily highlight. Opening for Deftones was another highlight. There’s so many.. I’m really grateful to be where I am in life. Releasing this new record is gonna be a highlight for sure!

S] Do you have a message for UK fans?

Thank you for never being too cool for school and for liking what you like no matter if it’s popular or not. The UK has some really great energy. We can’t wait to play for you all.

S] What are your biggest plans for the rest of the year?

Travel, play shows, record and release more music as I feel. Just not gonna stop until I’m dead.

Image by Kevin Warn Photography