Band Spotlight: The Sorry Kisses

By June 27, 2019 Band, Spotlight

In the latest Band Spotlight, we chat to guitarist Sam Forrest, and vocalist Hayley Hutchinson about the new record from his alternative indie project, The Sorry Kisses with Giant Drag’s Micah Calabrese.

S] What have been the biggest challenges in developing the new Sorry Kisses record? 

WeTransfer only allowing us to download 2GB of data at a time which was a nightmare, as our drummer is based in Los Angeles.

S] What inspires you personally as artists – outside music, think movies and people and places?

California is always a big inspiration as that’s where the band began, the Topanga Canyon scene in the 70s, ghetto surf shacks, Ventura, Jean Luc Godard films, Beck, the desert, New York beatniks, the 90s Seattle scene, anything by Quentin Tarantino, the film Paris Texas and the city of Paris, Jade Blood who did our album artwork.

S] What is your attitude to success?

If you are happy doing what you are doing then that is a success. We don’t really measure it on anything else. Finishing something is a success. Having a handful of people in Norway and Japan buying our music is cool. 

S] What advice would you give to emerging artists on how to make a mark, as you have been able to do?

Write lots of songs, bin the bad ones. Buy your own recording equipment but don’t become a gear nerd. Travel and write what you know. Try and do as much as you can yourself in terms of recording, videos, photographs. Only work with people you trust. Don’t stress over how many likes you get on social media. Don’t feel like you have to play in London. It’s all about getting the songs right, and not forgetting to enjoy yourself.

S] What direct experiences inspired ‘City Rhythm’?

Hot and stuffy hotel rooms in noisy strange cities. Watching the film Blade Runner 2049.