Band Spotlight: Bud Sugar

By Dom Smith
By May 27, 2018 Band, Spotlight

In our latest band spotlight, we chat to Dyl Elliot from Hull alternative pop act, Bud Sugar about current inspirations, and new music.


S] Hi guys, how are you today?

We are very well thank you. We are just travelling to York in Stan’s new whip to play at Sotanos open mic night. Still crammed in tight! We have got five strapping lads and all the gear in the boots.

S] What are the biggest challenges for the band right now?

Getting to Gambia…. and returning from Gambia!… We want to grace the African influence in our new song ‘Gambia’ by filming it there. A couple of the members already have a rich story of their upbringing in Gambia, so this is like a real life sequel 15 years later. It’s a journey we all want to happen, and another part of what has already being a crazy ride with the best Buds.

S] What’s the band’s attitude to success?

Work hard! Success is a powerful drug of which we are undoubtedly addicts of. We have a collective out look on what success is, and that’s to do what we love, with the people we love. Making sweet sweet vibes. It’s the Vibe Tribe era. A positive attitude carries a long way in the industry, and we fly that flag high and proud and aspire to by an inspiration to younger people, far and wide.

S] What are your main inspirations outside of music, think people and places?

We spend quite a lot of time keeping tabs on what’s current. But we are all following different things. We are all interested in seeing things outside of our bubble and sharing new discoveries. We love a bit of fashion though. Can you tell by our outfits?

S] What are your main tips for viral success?

The internet is an open source for everything relative. Utilise it. Have something people real dig and relate to. We all like to be impressed!

S] Talk to us about, how, if at all, Hull inspires you?

We love Hull.. it’s never dull here eh! We have done a lot in the city, and it’s a beautiful thing the fan base we have gained here. So we are very appreciative of that. We will always remember our humble beginnings and the people who invest their time into crazy ideas and viral moments. Besides Rob (on bass) we were all born here so it’s close to our hearts.

S] What were some of the best experiences you guys had recording the new material?

It was the first time recording in our own studio, Studio Vibe. This really let us unleash and experiment. We would spend many night past midnight zoned in on something particular, or just rocking out. It’s amazing to be able to create when your feeling the vibe, and we feel it really opened up our creativity to write and produce this new EP, ‘Vampire’. We were also able to bring other artists in and dedicate some time to expanding our African themed sound. We all love a bit of the Saxophone so we brought Saxy Steve in as well as a few other names. This is something we’re amazingly proud of making, we know the people will love it.

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