Spotlight: Crowns

By February 27, 2012 June 5th, 2015 Band, Spotlight

Bassist Jake Butler discusses the roots and influences behind Crowns’ music, and offers some insight into new plans for 2012 in our latest Band Spotlight interview.


“We’re starting to get noticed”


S] What are you up to at the moment?

JB] “We’ve got a few shows in our native Cornwall to play some new material. After that we’re heaaeding out on the road with Sharks which we can’t wait for.”

S] You define yourself as “fish-punk” – can you explain for us what that entails?

JB] “It’s something Jack came up with as a joke to describe our sound. It’s stuck and actually captures exactly what we’re about.”

S] It’s certainly caught the attention of the alternative press around the UK. How do you react to the coverage you’re receiving?

JB] “It feels like we’re one of the few acoustic acts to have been covered by the rock press and publications like Kerrang! We’re starting to get noticed, which is really great.”

S] Coming from Cornwall seems to be an integral part of your musical fibre – and you are releasing the new EP on the duchy’s patron Saint’s Day. Has your homeland always been a strong motivation behind your music?

JB] “It’s the only inspiration behind the band. All the music comes from us playing traditional songs, in some sense, so we feel like we’re just carrying on a long tradition.”

S] How have people reacted to your treatment of traditional Cornish tunes like ‘Bodmin Town’?

JB] “It feels like traditional Cornish music, compared to other Celtic nations, has gone slightly unrecognised so overall – people are glad just to hear it being played. Plus – we’re not messing with the songs too much.”

S] Which other influences and inspirations – music and otherwise – contribute towards Crowns?

JB] “Most of us were in other bands in our hometown playing pop-punk songs. It was our introduction to music, so you can still feel it in our current work.”

S] You’re about to go on tour – do you have any hopes on what you’d like to achieve this time around?

JB] “More free beer. We can’t get enough. And if we manage to get a rider without Carlsberg, we’ll have been very lucky boys.”

S] And you’re sharing this tour experience with Sharks; how do you anticipate spending time on the road with them will be like?

JB] “We’d been huge fans of their music before we’d even met them. We listen to them in the van as we’re driving up and down the country – so it’ll be great to see them live every night.”

S] Are there any bands or artists who you would, one day, like to play alongside? And why them?

JB] “Bangers. They used to be in a great band called Burning Coalition in our hometown. They’ve made two great records and so if we were on a bill together – that’d be a couple of good Cornish bands.”

S] You’re also on the bill for Redfest in Surrey – do you hope to get involved in other festivals in the UK or beyond this year?

JB] “We want to play as many shows as possible this year. Because of the music we play we find ourselves playing ‘regular’ festivals as well as smaller Celtic festivals – and they’re all great.”

S] What about other plans for 2012?

JB] “We want to record our debut album before the summer. We think that, and a load of gigs should keep us out of trouble.”

S] Is there anything else you’d like to add?

JB] “Kernow bys vyken! [culture of Cornwall]”


For more information visit the official Crowns website.