Spotlight: Cryptic Age

By December 5, 2011 September 11th, 2016 Band, Spotlight

This year has seen York-based progressive folk rock act Cryptic Age – Jenny Green, Hallam Smith, Tom Keeley and Alex Brandsen – release their critically-acclaimed début EP and develop a formidable reputation on stage.  Jenny recently had a natter with us about the band’s past, present(s) and future.


“It was hard at first to establish a style.”

S] Tell us about how Cryptic Age formed…

J] “Hallam and I had the idea to form a symphonic metal band in early 2010, but after a few jamming sessions we realised we’d be too generic. We managed to obtain Alex and Tom via advertising and slowly we went down the more folky route which suited us a lot better and it was something we’d all enjoy far more.”

S] What was your mission statement when you first got together – what did you want to achieve?

J] “When we first got together I’d say it was to establish a style. All we had were a few guitar riffs and some backing tracks – we’ve come along way since then!”


S] What does 2012 hold for Cryptic Age?

J] “2012 is going to be a very exciting year for us! For one thing our album ‘Sounds Of Infinity’ is going to be released, and gig-wise we’ve got a support slot for Powerquest at the Riverside, Selby in February and we’re hoping to get on the line-up for one of the metal festivals in the summer.”


S] How do you enjoy performing live in contrast to being in the studio?

J] “Live is better in that if you screw up slightly you can keep going rather than having to start again every time. However the studio is good opportunity to get the songs super-tight for when we play them live.”


S] Where does Cryptic Age’s inspiration for writing come from – can you be out and a song will come to you based on a particular experience, or is it very much studio-based?

J] “It can pretty much come from anywhere, but the main progress of our song-writing takes place in band practice, since everyone’s there so we can get everyone’s opinion and see if stuff will work or not.”

S] What will you be buying each other for Christmas?

J] “We haven’t thought about that yet really! If I could afford anything I suppose I’d get Tom a new Dane axe, Alex an Alienware computer and Hallam his own recording studio!”


More information about Cryptic Age can be found on their website.