Spotlight: Japanese Voyeurs

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Japanese Voyeurs are probably the coolest British band you haven’t heard yet. Musically they mix the schizophrenic and chaotic tones of Queen Adreena with The Melvins’ grunge stomp – it’s pretty damn exciting. We speak with the band members about their unique sound and weird vision.

The band are: Romily Alice (vocals), Thomas Lamb (bass), Johnny Seymour (guitars) and Rich Walden (keys).


“I don’t look up girls’ skirts for kicks” – Romily Alice

S] Can you explain the inspiration and experiences behind your breakout song, ‘Dumb’?

RA] I guess that song is about losing control. Doing stupid shit and knowing you shouldn’t but not being able to stop yourself. For obvious reasons I won’t be going into my experiences of that. My dad might read this.

S] Where do you guys write – like do you draw inspiration from surroundings and watching people or is it all done in the studio environment?

RA] I write a lot away from London. I like to go and hole myself up in a room for a week and stew over everything I’ve been avoiding. If I get that personal bit out the way then we can go into the studio and have a lot of fun with making it into a finished song.

TL] Me and Johnny make riffs nice and loud in the studio. In terms of inspiration, listening to other people’s music seems to do the trick to push us.

S] What are your biggest plans for the rest of the year?

RA] Tour.

RJ] Write a load more songs and do more recording.

S] Romily, KatieJane Garside once told us that she went to the top of a mountain and screamed her lungs out in order to find her voice so how did you find yours?

RA] I can’t help it! It just comes out that way.

S] Is there and underlying theme and message behind the selected tracks on ‘Sicking And Creaming’?

RA] To be honest they were just the only useable ones out of the demos we did.

S] You guys played Download earlier this year and you’ve been building a cult following – what has been your defining moment together thus far?

JS] We haven’t actually done that many gigs so I’d say Download was a defining moment as our first festival and first morning gig!  And we played on the same day as some of our favourite bands.

S] Can you explain to us the ideals behind Slimeball Records/Comics?

RA] Ummmm. There aren’t really any strict ideals or a certain ideology. I just put stuff in the comic book which I think is interesting – whether that’s ’cause it’s beautiful or disgusting or whatever. It’s supposed to be fun, its fun for us to have another creative outlet as well as the music. Anything that’s keeps your brain from melting into your TV dinner is a good thing.

S] If you could watch any event in secret (or as a “fly on the wall”) what would each member of the group pick and why?

RA] I’d like to watch rehearsals for the royal ballet.

RJ] Arsene Wenger‘s half-time talk.

TL] I’d see ‘Led Zeppelin IV‘ being recorded.

JS] Probably the MI5 secret spy base HQ meeting room.

S] If each member of the group could sit down with anyone and listen to the new EP over dinner – who would you pick, why and what would you feed them?

RJ] Dave Benson Phillips from the TV show ‘Get Your Own Back‘ I’d feed him gunge.

RA] I’m not sure if this counts but I’d pick Tank Girl. I’d feed her beer and hamburgers and we’d get wasted and talk about why girls can’t play the guitar and what pussies The Beatles were.

TL] Sienna Miller and she’d get meat and two veg.

JS] Phil Anselmo and he can have whatever he wants.

S] You guys have been described as “crazy” and “freaks” before now – so what makes you different to real-life Japanese Voyeurs?

RA] I don’t look up girls’ skirts for kicks.

TL] I do.

For more information visit the official MySpace. Check out our review here.

Watch the video for ‘Dumb‘ below: