Spotlight: Tied To Machines

By November 1, 2011 June 30th, 2016 Band, Spotlight

Emerging from the County Down town of Banbridge, Tied To Machines’ punk sounds and live energy are creating a stir on both sides of the Irish border, with other territories in their sights. We check out how the four guys are handling the rock-and-roll life.


“We want to be able to do this… and nothing else!”

S] What are you up to right now? Are we interrupting anything important or out of the ordinary?

TTM] “We are just recovering from last nights show. It was a charity gig in Belfast for the Simon Community [a charitable organisation who offer support services to homeless people].”


S] For those of our readers who are checking you out for the first time, can you possibly describe yourselves in a sentence?

TTM] “Riffy, grungy alt punk.”


S] It’s been a busy year for Tied To Machines this year with an EP and gigs in Ireland; what are your highlights of 2011 so far?

TTM] “Getting our fortune told in Ballycastle [a Northern Irish seaside town], working with Rocky O’Reilly on the EP, getting to play with bands we would gladly pay to see. Meeting really cool people in the local music scene and slagging the hell out of the nasty ones!”


S] Your songs are picking up airplay on influential shows on Irish radio; do you have ambitions to get your music heard on stations on the British mainland?

TTM] “Of course! We love jellied eels so it’s a natural progression.”


S] What about any plans on heading over the Irish Sea to perform some shows?

TTM] “We are gonna be doing a tour of Scotland and England after the next release, and we really hope to go to Paris at some stage.”


S] Having only formed last year, do you still have any ambitions, and if so, what are they?

TTM] “Definitely, we want to be able to do this… and nothing else! And also, if Refused ever decide to get back together and want a support band – hint hint!”


S] Can you tell us anything about what the rest of 2011 and beyond has in store for you guys?

TTM] “Santa’s coming in a couple of months. Finish writing the next record, some pre-production and demoing, and a whole pile of gigs with a couple of big ones hopefully.”

S] Is there anything else you’d like to add?

TTM] “Buy our EP – it’s wild good!”


You can find out more about Tied To Machines by visiting their Facebook band page.