Reverbnation Spotlight: Anthony J Fink

By August 17, 2019 Artist, Spotlight

In our latest Reverbnation Spotlight, we chat to Anthony J Fink about his music, and inspirations.

S] Talk to us about the challenges you face as a musician? 

There are many challenges when working in the music industry, be it in the studio or on stage. As musicians we are constantly changing and it can be challenging get your idea as you hear it in your head, into recording. Sometimes a song can flow out easily, while sometimes it can take months or even years for the idea you’ve been working on to finally “click”.

S] What song best represents where you are at now, and why?

The song that I feel represents me best right now would be my Single “Truth Is”.I love performing this song live in its acoustic version. The lyrics speak to my struggle with coming to terms with loss in my life, both recent and lifelong.I speak more about those topics in my upcoming album that will be released the end of this year.

S] How do you define success as an artist?

Many people measure success in music with awards, or fans or downloads. I feel as an artist, if you are doing what you are passionate about for you, it is much more gratifying. All human beings biologically respond/connect to music in one way or another. I believe true success comes in how you utilize your talents to make people feel good, in doing that the world becomes a more beautiful place for us all. 

S] What inspires you outside of music, think specific people, places and movies for example?

I absolutely love art. Specifically the art form of fashion. Although there are many designers I follow with a passion, it doesn’t need to be expensive. I can find inspiration in music just from seeing a new style I have never seen done before. I have been inspired countless times by out incredible Detroit drag community.

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